I am a firm believer that peers are an important influence throughout one’s life, and interpersonal connections can ultimately change one’s destiny. So, I guess it was inevitable that working in the Division of Undergraduate Studies at San Diego State University and engaging with professors,  directors, and deans on a daily basis, would impact my own academic goals and achievements. Given my current position as a Multimedia Designer, I found that the Educational Technology Masters program would be a great addition to my academic resume and could further my career development. Now, seven semesters later, I have acquired the tools and knowledge to express myself as an instructional designer. Although I do not have a specific vocational path planned, I am embarking on this journey with a renewed sense of self-discovery. I am looking forward to seeing where my degree will take me and who I will connect with along the way.

I invite you to explore my EDTEC culminating portfolio. The comprehensive reflection describes aspects of educational technology that I love and how I apply them in my work.  The standards matrix highlights eight of the core competencies in the program and provides examples of how I met these capabilities.

e-Portfolio Presentation

A video depiction of my live e-portfolio presentation to the EDTEC faculty on April 15, 2010 (12:20)

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Professional Portfolio

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