Standards Matrix


Analyze, synthesize, use inductive and deductive reasoning, solve problems effectively and creatively.


Communicate clearly to achieve professional goals using visual and verbal modes to explain and persuade.

Data-Based Decision-Making

Value the use of data as the starting point for professional work.


Interact effectively with others as peers, subordinates and leaders to accomplish goals.

Principles, Theories & Models

Understand many theories and models, choose from among them appropriately, and apply them effectively.


Understand processes such as change, design, development, and learning.


Understand that we live and work within systems of cause and effect in which actions may have multiple origins and consequences.


Use software and other tools appropriate to the task.

e-Portfolio Presentation

A video depiction of my live e-portfolio presentation to the EDTEC faculty on April 15, 2010 (12:20)

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