The Context

This artifact met the EDTEC 561 course outcome to create an educational video that will help a target audience enhance specified knowledge, skills, or attitude. The instructional video is an attempt at turning IKEA’s paper instructions on how to build furniture, in this case a LACK Table, to a movie format. The video consists of both live action and animation that parallels the LACK paper instruction graphics. Because IKEA servers an international clientele, and must accommodate variety of languages and cultural norms, there is no audio scripting in the video.

Demonstrating the Competency

Various tools and software were utilized to complete this project including:

  1. Video camera: Used to film the live action shots assembling the LACK Table
  2. Digital Camera- Used to take pictures of the various parts and pieces included in the LACK Table set. These images were added to the animation.
  3. Adobe Photoshop– Software used to manipulate the LACK Table paper instruction. These images were added in the animation.
  4. Adobe Flash– Software used to develop and edit the animation sequences.
  5. Apple GarageBand– Software used to edit the audio.
  6. Apple IMovie– Software used to edit the live action footage. The animation and audio were then imported and the final video was produced.

The Unexpected

There was a substantial learning curve producing this instructional video. I had minimal experience using a video camera, even for home movies, so during the planning phase I focused on learning camera angles and frames. Once production of the live action scenes began, I discovered that the storyboard frames I initially created were not possible to shoot with the video camera I had. This was a time consuming set-back since I had to rework the storyboard images to reflect what would be possible.

A long-term benefit of this project was learning how to use iMovie and GarageBand. I spent close to five hours watching tutorials on YouTube and the Apple website, then practiced using the software before I began working on the final editing of the video.  I took advantage of my new software skills and used the programs several more times throughout the EDTEC program.

Personal Outcomes

My successful completion designing and developing this video demonstrates my capabilities to:

  1. Draw an educational video storyboard, incorporating appropriate picture composition, sequencing, and transitions.
  2. Develop a production plan for creating the educational video.
  3. Use the appropriate tools to shoot and animate a video based on the storyboard.
  4. Use various software programs to edit the video to comply with appropriate style guides.

e-Portfolio Presentation

A video depiction of my live e-portfolio presentation to the EDTEC faculty on April 15, 2010 (12:20)

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